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A Family of Four - Artwork (unframed) - 50 x 77 cm

  • Dimensions - 50 cm x 77 cm

    Only one-of-its-kind.

    Original hand-painted Tinga Tinga artwork from a Tanzanian artist named 'Nzamba'. The painting comes unframed, on its original canvas.

    This art form is named after its first founder Edward Saidi Tingatinga. Tinga Tinga art form which is now extremely popular in countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Burundi, began as a simple idea - use recycled, low-cost materials, like masonite squares, ceramic fragments and bicycle enamel paint. 

    Today, this skill has evolved. The subjects have become more complex, and canvas is often used in place of masonite boards. But most artists follow the tradition of using bicycle enamel paid, giving the paintings its vibrant glossy finish. 


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