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Every garment at The Colour Bug is truly one-of-it-kind. And while clothes can't last forever, if we give them some love and care they can bring you joy over a long period of time. 


Our collection features varying qualities of the cotton-based African wax-print fabrics known as 'Kanga' and 'Kitenge' in East Africa. The fabrics are strong, breathable, and comfortable. They have been part of the African culture for hundreds of years and have been worn by local women in many ways including being used as a baby sling. That gives you an idea of the strength of the fabric. 

Our artists pre-wash the fabrics at least once before sewing. This is done to allow for shrinkage (if any), so that when you wash the garment, it will not shrink again. The fabrics do, however, soften up overtime after multiple washes. If you wish to retain the stiff structure of the fabric, we recommend a starch spray before ironing it out. 


Hand wash is recommended. Otherwise you can also machine wash at 30 degrees or on a cold wash setting. Be kind to your environment and use natural detergents. Where possible line dry the garments, out of direct sunlight. Harsh sun can cause colour damage. 

Do not bleach. Iron is recommended.

Mend when torn. Re-use when worn. 

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