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(meaning 'my name is...' in Swahili)

"My name is Halima, but everyone calls me Mama Farida (meaning 'mother of Farida'). In Tanzania, when you become a mother, you're given your first-born's name. When Farida was born, the doctors said she won't ever be able to walk. My husband left us when he found out. It's very common for your family to abandon you if you have a disability. But I couldn't abandon my daughter. The Jina Langu Ni collective allows me to work from home, so I can take care of my daughter. Its very satisfying to create something beautiful with my own hands."

Jina Langu Ni is a women collective in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania, that works with the city's most vulnerable groups: women with disability, women living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and their caregivers. They create handmade jewelry using traditional African fabrics - Kanga & Kitenge.

"Its an initiative to fight the stigma and discrimination that some communities have towards these people", says Chiara Conti, who has been volunteering with the group for many years now. "Here the women meet in groups, talk about their day and enjoy making the jewelry collectively. Sometimes, if they need to be home taking care of the children they can also work from home. Every woman gets paid a fair price based on how many they make. Its a safe
and flexible environment, where these women can work, have some reliable income, and also just celebrate life, as it should be, without bias."

The Colour Bug is very excited to be part of their journey.

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