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Burundian Refugee Artisan with Womencraft

"Burundi, one of the smallest countries in Africa, was my home, where I lived with my husband and 9 children. It has a long history of conflicts, civil wars and political unrest. We fled to Tanzania in the middle of the night after armed militias entered our village. My youngest baby was only 6 months old then. At the camp there was lack of space, leaking roofs and only straw mats to sleep on. Food was rationed and not enough for everyone in my family.


I learned how to weave from my mother at a young age. I am very proud that I can pursue my weaving passion again with WomenCraft to rebuild our lives. I have also learnt how to use molds and tape measures. Back home, everyone makes different shapes and designs. Not even the same person can make the same product twice.

Now I have reliable income and can take care of my 9 kids and 6 others who are orphans. We are 17 of us now and we all live together, and have 2 separate tents."

The Colour Bug is very excited to partner with Womencraft and be part of Nyamvura's journey.

Photo courtesy of Womencraft


Burundian Refugee Artisan with Womencraft

"I lived in Burundi with my husband and 6 children. When violence reached my community, we had to flee from home overnight, braving a 2 day trek to the Tanzanian border on foot, navigating through forests, rivers and mountains.

Now I live with my family and two other orphans in the Mtendeli refugee camp in the north western region of Tanzania. I feel safe in the camp but initially, life was very hard with insufficient food, poor access to clean water, and no opportunities for income. Then I joined the refugee artisan group at WomenCraft and started weaving.

Today there are over 300 women artisans like me, who are part of WomenCraft, and I am proud to be leading 50 of them, helping them master the weaving techniques, designs and the quality standards."

The Colour Bug is very excited to partner with Womencraft and be part of Esperance’s journey.

Photo courtesy of Womencraft

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