Tanzania Ground Coffee - Mondul Estate - 250 gm


    The Mondul Coffee Estates - situated on the slopes of Mount Monduli, 23Km away from Arush, Northern Tanzania - this unique location provides the perfect conditions for the cultivation of the highest quality Arabica beans.

    One of the most modern, sustainable and responsibly managed farms in Tanzania. The farm fosters community initiatives and everyone from field workers to the estate manager lives and works onsite. Mondul takes sustainability, equal rights and social issues very seriously.

    The location fulfils the three most important factors needed to grow the finest Arabica coffees, the ideal altitude of 1’600 to 1’800 meters above sea level, the coffee crops being nourished by volcanic soil, enjoying perfect climatic conditions. The knowledge and expertise of their workforce, equipped with the latest machines, ensures the production and processing of the highest quality Mondul coffee. To ensure excellent and consistent qualities, they have a cupping kitchen where qualified tasters assess the harvest of each day.